Top 10 SEO Tips

10 SEO Tips for Keeping Eyes on Your Site

1.  Content reigns supreme.  Make sure you have a lot of unique content throughout your site that focuses on your keywords and phrases.  Make sure it’s well-written and free of grammatical errors.

A tip that ties in, if (for example) you are a Realtor in Los Angeles, make sure you mention it often:  “Our Los Angeles office” or “Our Los Angeles team”.  It’s always better to mention your location instead of using our office, our store, etc.  This will help you rank better in local searches.

2.  Use flash as sparingly as possible.  The search engine spiders CAN NOT CRAWL flash sites.  If you must use flash, be sure to use text links somewhere else on your page that links to the same page that your flash image, map, graph, etc, links to.  (A good example of this can be found here:

Don’t forget, Apple products like the iPad cannot display flash.  So if you have a flash map but no text links, folks using certain tablets (and even phones) won’t see anything.

3.  If most of your site contains static content (most of your pages do not change day to day, week to week, so on), you need a blog.  Search engines LOVE fresh content.  Try and get articles up 2-3 times a week.  This will help your site remain relevant to search spiders.

4.  Like number 3, fresh content is key.  Try and update things across your pages often.  If you do not have a blog, this becomes very important in keeping your site relevant.

5.  Make your site easy to use.  Confusing navigation, page filler, and redirects to back pages will lower your popularity with users and thus the search spiders.

6.  Link sharing.  Don’t be stingy with when linking to other sites.  This will encourage more sites to link back to you.  Inbound links play a sizeable roll in SEO.

7.  When using images, try and place keyword rich captions with them.  Think newspaper articles.

8.  Avoid using “Click Here” when linking within your site or when you provide other sites with links to use back to you.  If you sell “green emerald necklaces”, make sure the link says “green emerald necklaces” as opposed to “click here” or “visit here”.

9.  Don’t be worried about file extensions in your url:  php, html, htm, etc.  They hold no relevancy when it comes to SEO.

10.  Going back to #6, make sure you are linking to good, quality sites.  One well respected link is leaps and bounds better than 15 poorly represented links.

Bonus 11th tip.  On your homepage, make sure your “call to action” is towards the top of your page, otherwise known as “above the fold”.  Visit your site and see what info shows up before the bottom of your browser cuts the page in half.  You want the top half to contain all your pertinent info and again, your “call to action”.

SEO is a never ending process.  You can dedicate an entire team to working on SEO every day.  There is a wealth of knowledge on the web with great tips.  Experiment with various methods to see what gives you the best ROI.  A final tip is that if you are not already using it, sign up for a Google Analytics account.  Its free and it can be a life saver when trying to evaluate different SEO tactics.  You’ll be able to monitor who’s linking to you, what keywords and phrases are being used to find you, how many page views and visits you’re receiving and what pages within our site are getting the most exposure.  If you find a back page is getting more visits than your homepage, evaluate what that page is doing different.

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