Selling Homes to Doctors

Are you a Realtor® who would like to sell more homes to more doctors?

As you break into the doctor niche, you quickly discover that you face unique challenges. How will you get past the gatekeepers and grab the attention of the doctors clients you can serve so well?

An investment in specialized knowledge and skills will help you accelerate your progress.

That’s what this 6-week How to Sell More Homes to Doctors course is all about. You’ll learn to crack the doctor code and sell more homes to more doctors.

You will leave this course with a step-by-step plan that will help you:

  • Dramatically improve your ability to reach doctors
  • Create marketing campaigns that capture doctors’ interest
  • Rapidly build rapport with doctors
  • Graciously generate referrals
  • Sell more homes to more doctors.

The next session

Date: May 2, 2013 to June 6, 2013

Time: Weekly live web-based sessions every Thursdays from Noon to 1 PM Eastern with access to replays.

Cost: $597

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Class Itinerary

Module 1. Introduction: How and Why to Establish Yourself in the Physician Niche

The Objective is to lay out the opportunities and challenges of working with doctor clients. You’ll get an overview of the experience you can expect if you establish working relationships with doctor clients.

In this Learning Segment you will:

  • Gain insight about the lives of doctors
  • Understand how The Affordable Care Act–also known as ObamaCare–higher taxes, the looming 26% Medicare fee reduction and an uncertain economic recovery shapes medical practices.
  • Debunk myths and affirm realities about working with doctors
  • Anticipate and overcome 5 challenges in working with doctors
  • Discover the biggest secret to success in this niche
  • Get a road-map for constructing a doctor-freindly business.


Module 2. Choose Your Best-Fit Doctor Clients

The Objective is to give you a “field guide to doctors” so that you can identify candidates for a best-fit group of doctor (physicians, dentists, orthodontists, podiatrists, etc) clients.

In this Learning Segment you will:

  • Identify the 5 houses doctors buy in their lifetimes
  • Examine why high performers focus on a specific group of doctors
  • Explore 3 questions to identify your best-fit target vertical market.
  • Understand the pecking order of doctors
  • Identify 8 ways to “slice the doctor pie.”
  • List 5 ways to learn more about target vertical markets
  • Discern if a target vertical market is right for you.


Module 3. Learn More About Your Clients

The Objective is to join high-performers by embracing the number one predictor of success–understanding your clients.

In this Learning Segment you will:

  • Discover what you need to know about your target vertical and how you learn it
  • Identify 3 groups of people to approach during your research phase
  • Define the questions to ask
  • Developing strategies for gathering intelligence.


Module 4: Create and Collect Marketing Materials that Capture Physicians’ Attention ( AKA “Value Delivery Vehicles”)

The Objective is to help you create –and collect–effective marketing materials that offer the greatest return on your investment of time, money and attention.

In this Learning Segment you will:

  • Craft an engaging response to the question, “What do you do?”
  • Explore how to build trust and earn credibility through the deliver of high value content, engaging events and attractive experiences
  • Discover the litmus test for value delivery vehicles
  • Apply neuroscience to marketing campaigns
  • Distinguish marketing from advertising
  • Decide whether social media is a prudent investment for you.


Module 5. Generate DoctorLeads and Build Rapid Rapport

The Objective is to help you “add links in the chain of trust” as you acquire leads and convert prospects to clients.

In this Learning Segment you will:

  • Mobilize people who already know, like and trust you
  • Build relationships with centers of influence
  • Craft win-win programs with vendors who already market to your target vertical market
  • Leverage medical meetings and association publications
  • Master the 7 steps of The Connection Prescriptionⓒ
  • Identify the 5 Pain Personalitiesⓒ and how it applies to finances
  • Think and ask questions like a physician: the SOAP approach
  • Harness the power of asking the right questions and improving listening skills


Module 6. Convert Clients to SENDERS–People Who Send Doctors Your Way

The Objective is to help you graciously generate referrals.

In this Learning Segment you will:

  • Understand why clients make referrals
  • Overcome four barriers to referrals
  • Assume the referral mindset
  • Creating a culture of referrals
  • Master the language of referrals
  • Recognize and thank SENDERS.

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The course instructor

All sessions are conducted by nationally noted physician, speaker and author Dr. Vicki Rackner. Let a board-certified surgeon serve as your tour guide, showing you insider secrets to help you navigate the world of medicine. You’ll learn to effectively capture physicians’ attention, build relationships and get the most impact for your efforts.

Throughout the course you will learn strategies and tactics to help you:

    • Set realistic business goals and benchmarks for success.
    • Test the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.,
    • Instill a physician-friendly mindset with your team members. and your business outcomes.
    • Discern when to make a change–either adding another vertical market or withdrawing from another.
    • Manage problematic client interactions.

As a course participant you will:

  • Receive six modules of content
  • Join your peers for weekly coaching sessions.
  • Receive a workbook complete with clarifying exercises.
  • Access recorded sessions.
  • Plus get bonus private coaching sessions with the nationally noted physician speaker and author Dr. Vicki Rackner.

Think about what you pay to acquire a new client.

Think about how much you would be willing to pay to acquire your first few doctor clients who will tell their friends and colleagues about you.

Think about what you would pay to spend an hour or two picking the brain of a nationally-noted doctor who can explain to you the differences between the way that doctors think and that business people think.


Special Bonus Gift

As a special bonus gift, participants will also get unrestricted use of a high-value gift you can deliver to your physician prospects. It’s Dr. Rackner’s ebook “How to Get More Patients.”

Just as every business wants more customers, every physician wants more patients–even the Mayo Clinic makes significant investments to attract more patients!

Click here to read the ebook.

We will co-brand this ebook with your picture, bio and contact information on the back cover and include a page header that says “A gift from” physician prospects.

Individual downloads are sold to physicians for $47. The chance to deliver this co-branded book is worth the price of admission!

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About Dr. Vicki Rackner

rackner cover photoDr. Vicki Rackner helps Realtors® sell more homes to more doctors. She translates the world of medicine into understandable strategies and tactics that are critically important to engage both physicians and other medical professionals. You’ll benefit from Dr. Vicki’s unique experiences as a surgeon, educator and medical community leader as she understands the most direct route to success in these complex and often misunderstood niches.

She’s a nationally noted expert and speaker on the doctor-patient relationship and is often quoted in many periodicals including, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and USA Today. Her upcoming book for medical audiences is Get More Patients Starting Today: The Definitive Non-Marketer’s Guide to Driving More Patient Referrals.

What they say

I’ve been a realtor for over 25 year. Dr. Vicki suggested some approaches I had never even considered Her ideas make perfect sense! I’m taking her lead.” Donna M.


Dr. Vicki Rackner is creative, resourceful, knowledgeable, and experienced. Her insight is invaluable. She understands how the medical professions work and behave while also understanding the needs of entrepreneurial people interested on developing their businesses to a very specific targeted audience.


Dr. Rackner is a “true giver” always interested on the ones she coaches. She was always totally involved with my progress and available for my questions. I have learned ready to apply techniques and organized my work in a much effective way after taking her classes.


Thanks Dr. Rackner for a well thought training, your continuous support, and for the opportunity of learning in an environment suited to my needs.

Liliana Pacelli

Want to learn more?

Call Dr. Vicki Rackner (425) 451-3777.

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