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The staff at Medical Match understands that these are difficult economic times, and that recruiting budgets have been stretched to the breaking point.  But physician staffing needs never go away.  We believe that we can offer cost effective services that will help leverage every recruiting dollar.

Four Times the Exposure at a Fraction of the Cost
Your job postings will appear on the Medical Match job board; they will also appear through the job portal on the MD Preferred  professional resource website; your featured opportunity will appear in the classified section of the monthly E-Magazine, The Advisor; and you direct contact information will be available in the Hospital In-House Recruiter Directory available on both sites.

Cost Effective Online Job Listing Services
Medical Match/MD Preferred is a proactive medical recruiting program using two high volume web sites and a widely read E-Magazine for young physicians.  Single job postings are available in 32 medical specialties starting at twenty five dollars per month.  Ad plans are available for multi-specialty recruiting firms that can bring the per ad rate down to less than five dollars.

Helping Doctors Connect Directly With You
Sourcing quality candidates in a shortage environment without the tremendous cost of candidate lists and traditionally priced job boards is a challenge for every recruiter.  The Medical Recruiter Directory at Medical Match helps physician candidates identify recruiters working in their medical specialty with opportunities in their target community and provides them with a direct email link to the consultant.

Monthly Resident/Fellow Lead Reports
Physicians who visit MD Preferred or Medical Match are not asked to register.  Their IP addresses are not saved for later use.  This protects the privacy of physicians and makes the site more attractive to program directors and physicians.  As a result we do not maintain a traditional candidate database as do the online medical job boards that require or encourage visitor registration.  However, our research staff sources hundreds of graduating physicians each month.  It would cost a hospital or medical practice thousands of dollars to source these young, well trained, highly motivated physicians.  We are able to provide contact information for these physicians in a monthly lead report for our advertisers.  Each lead lists the physician name; residency or fellowship program name and location; professional email addresses; and program phone number.  No one can guarantee results.  But we know of no other program that will help deliver your message more effectively or more affordably.

Professional Services
Medical Match understands that a job search involves far more than resumes and interviews.  That is why they have partnered with MD Preferred Services to provide doctors access to award winning professionals in: Real Estate/Relocation, Mortgage Services, Private Banking Services, Legal Services, Accounting Services and Financial Planning.  Our online resource center attracts thousands of doctors each month.

Fair – Affordable – Effective
With Medical Match there are no contracts to sign, no ad units to buy, no long term commitments to make, no money up front to get started and an absolute right to cancel services at any time.  Your Medical Match account manager will even format your postings for the job board and provide a proof for your review and approval.


  • All programs receive complementary subscription to The Advisor
  • All job postings appear on two web sites, Medical Match & MD Preferred
  • All job posting packages include one featured job in The Advisor
  • A 10% discount is offered to all accounts paid by on file credit card

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