Marketing to Doctors

Thank you for your interest in serving the physicians of your community. US Medical Specialties, with over 25 years of experience working with physicians, hospital administrators and practice managers, has created the only online resource center where physicians can find detailed profiles of community based, “doctor friendly” business professionals across a broad spectrum of business disciplines.

After viewing Doctor Rackner’s informative webinar we invite you to learn more about the MD Preferred program by viewing the five minute video below and to submit a program application.

Dr. Vicki Rackner, President of Medical Bridges, works with clients who want to accelerate the growth of their healthcare marketing success. This nationally-noted author and speaker leverages her experiences as a practicing surgeon, clinical faculty at the University of Washington School of Medicine and entrepreneur to offer professional, high impact business-building campaigns targeting physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Contact her at [email protected] or at 425-451-3777.


Selling to Doctors

How to Sell to Doctors e-book

Five Steps to Attracting New Physician Clients

How Financial Advisors Can Acquire Physician Clients

To speak with a program representative call 847-741-3667

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