Marketing Checklist

An MD Preferred Services Marketing Check List

•    White list our distribution email address, [email protected]
Modern spam filters are very aggressive.  All of our communication is by email.  There is a process called white listing.  Go into your spam settings and authorize our distribution email address.  You won’t want to miss any of the quarterly marketing reports or your copy of the Advisor E-Magazine.
•    Upload and display the MDP Medallion on your website and use it in your marketing materials  
We have sent you the electronic versions of the MD Preferred Medallion for your use.  Our IT department is always available to help you position the medallion and assist with any coding questions you may have.
•    Help us create, optimize and host your online business micro-site.  
Many companies do not allow you your own bio on their website.  In many cases, inquires go to the company and not directly to you.  Your company website may not have pages dedicated to the healthcare demographic.  Changing the company website is probably out of the question.  Your MD Preferred profile addresses all of these issues.  Our IT department will immediately create a temporary profile using content from your website.  It is up to you to provide us with personal, focused content that will help us optimize the profile to speak about you to the doctors in your service area.
•    Edit and distribute the custom press release draft you received
As part of your welcome package, you will receive a custom press release template which can help you announce your selection as an MD Preferred affiliated professional.  The press release can also be used as a marketing piece.  The template is custom made for you.  But, it is only a template that is intended to be edited by you before you use it.  Send your announcement to your current, past and prospective clients.  Send it to friends and relatives.  Send it to business associates.  Then begin following up by phone.  Ask for referrals.  Get the word out that you specialize in serving doctors.
•    Join and Participate in our LinkedIn group, “Networking for Healthcare Professionals”.  
Business social networking is a powerful and growing means of reaching thousands of doctors.  We take the work out of using LinkedIn.  We manage the group and keep strings of lively communication going.  We invite all of our MD Preferred members to join and participate.  We already have over 1000 members.  Follow us on Twitter and Face Book as well.  Follow Colleen Bruneau’s social media column in our monthly member newsletter.  She will give you tips and insights on how to effectively use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to generate physician leads.
•    Create and Submit regular blog posts to the MD Preferred blog
Blogging is a very effective way to position your firm as a specialist serving the healthcare industry.  We encourage you to become a regular contributor to our online blog which runs daily on our website.  Once you are comfortable with your contributions, begin looking for and contributing to other healthcare blogs.  They are always looking for content.
•    Open and Read the MD Preferred Sales & Marketing Guide COVER TO COVER
You will find a great deal of useful information about the program and its features.   There is a chapter devoted to each of the check list items.

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