MD Preferred Services

MD Preferred Services

MD Preferred Services is the nation’s busiest online resource for medical professionals.  Thousands of physicians visit MD Preferred every month to review the personal profiles of community based business professionals.  If you are an attorney, insurance agent, personal banker, financial planner, accountant, Realtor®, or mortgage lender who is looking to attract new physician clients you have come to the right place.

According to Google, “97% of consumers search for local businesses online.”  Yet most business websites don’t speak directly to the most desirable demographic in the US economy…physicians.  One doesn’t have to look far for the reason.  Although the Internet has become the primary market place for business services, it has also become a victim of its own success.   A busy physician doesn’t have time to review the tens of thousands of results that even the simplest Google search generates.

In addition to the challenge of appearing at the top of search results, most business websites speak to a general audience rather than a specific demographic such as physicians.  It is difficult for a physician to identify a “doctor friendly” provider with only a company name or two-line Google description to work with.  And, if you are employed by a large enterprise, there is a good chance that your company’s website may not even be driving prospects directly to you.  If you want to separate your services from the competition, and attract the attention of physicians we recommend an MD Preferred business profile prioritized by a new Google search tool created specifically for doctors.

Physician Priority Search™, Powered by Google™, is literally changing the way physicians are using the Internet.  Hosted exclusively by MD Preferred Services, Physician Priority Search™ saves doctors time by providing them with results tailored to their special needs.  And only a professional whose MD Preferred listing appears at the top of one of these prioritized Google searches will benefit from this new technology.   The entire process is easy, efficient and affordable.

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Thousands of savvy business professionals have discovered that the most effective way to showcase their specialized skills and connect with high income, high net worth physicians is to maintain a highly optimized online personal business profile hosted at MD Preferred Services.  Approximately 40,000 practicing physicians and 26,000 graduating residents and fellows relocate every year to accept a practice opportunity.  When one considers the thousands of physician visits that MD Preferred receives every month, a very large percentage of those doctors are using MD Preferred to review profiles and select a provider.

After your application has been approved, our MD Preferred IT specialists create a personal business profile for you.  You don’t need programing skills.  All of the work is done by our staff.  They use general information already available online to create a temporary profile in as little as 24 hours.  Next they add pictures, logos, biographical information and healthcare specific SEO.  Once completed your personal business profile will be hosted and indexed on the MD Preferred website and through Physician Priority Search™.  And we will continue to optimize and promote your profile for as little as $10 per month!

If you are serious about separating yourself from the competition, leveraging your marketing budget and speaking directly to the established physicians in your community as well as those who may be relocating, now is the time to act.  In addition to your online profile, you will receive complete marketing rights to the MD Preferred Service medallion for use on all of your promotional materials including your business card and company website.  And, to help you alert your current and prospective clients, we will also prepare a professionally written announcement of your healthcare credentials and availability.  Community listings are limited.  Apply now by clicking the button below.



A One-time $375 Profile Design and Registration Fee Applies

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