Give to Get

Business Growth through Generosity: Give to Get
By Dr. Vicki Rackner

Imagine answering your ringing phone.  It’s your brother-in-law–the one you like. He needs your business advice, and he would hire you if you weren’t family. What would you do?  You would do what you could to help of course.

Now imagine what would happen if you treated each prospect  as if he were your brother-in-law, freely giving out nuggets of your hard-won expertise.   I call this “free sample marketing.”  You can accelerate your business growth by adopting this “give to get” mindset.

July 1–the major day of physician transition– is right around the corner.  Medical schools, residency programs and new jobs begin.  That means that there will be doctors leaving town and doctors coming to town.  Sharing some of your business expertise with groups of physicians who are making a career transition is a great business building strategy.  Here’s how to go about it:

•Write a brief article.  It should be no more than 500 words.  Your focus should be on assisting a physician and their family who are relocating to your community.  This is not an ad, and the goal is not self-promotion; it’s about improving the condition of the reader.  What do they really need to know to get settled in a new town?  You can put a by-line at the bottom of the article, with an invitation to visit your web site for some more valuable free content like a checklist or a list of resources.

•Make a list of the local hospitals, clinics, HMO’s and large medical group practices.  There are a number of websites that can help you build this list.  Your MD Preferred Marketing Guide discusses some of the best.

•Contact the medical staff office (sometimes called the Physician Staff Services Office) at each facility.  Ask if you can forward an article that addresses issues facing a new physicians and their family relocating to your community.  If this type of information is handled by a different department or office ask for contact information.  Always follow-up with a thank you note, even if you contacted the wrong person initially.  When you find the right contact, send your article.  Follow-up with a call to see if it was useful and if there is any other assistance you can provide.

Here are some article ideas.  Even though I’m an optimist, I have learned that negative headlines sometimes catch more attention than positive ones.

Avoiding Common Moving Mistakes

Popular Hospital Neighborhoods – Live Where Your Colleagues Live

Medical Employment Contracts – What can you change and what is cast in stone?

Disability Insurance – You’ll never need it until you really need it.

Your First Investment – A Financial Plan

Once the article is accepted, leverage it.  Let your community know by posting an update through social media. Create a blog post.  Issue a press release.  One economical way to distribute releases is through  An ongoing stream of high-value content draws physician prospects to you.  Every outreach builds what marketing guru Alan Weiss calls your “marketing gravity.”  The higher the mass, the bigger the attractive force.  It will get your phone ringing even more.

Dr. Vicki Rackner, President of Targeting Doctors, helps clients reach and influence doctors.  Go to to find more resources.

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