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Now Sourcing Class of 2014

Whether you are an in-house recruiter or practice manager or a placement consultant with a national agency or search firm, if you are looking for a reliable, affordable, weekly list of America’s top graduating physicians with email contact information, First Access is an absolute necessity.  Imagine sitting down at your desk every Monday morning, opening your email and accessing a list of 100 graduating physicians from a broad range of medical specialties, formatted in Excel for easy search and storage.  Each entry includes the physician’s personal email address.

Coming in April Class of 2015

Every April we move on to a new graduating class, giving our subscribers “First Access” to the best and brightest of America’s young physicians.  And graduating residents and fellows are by definition qualified candidates actively seeking opportunities.

In Demand

With a deepening physician shortage, healthcare employers are turning to recently graduated physicians to fill staff physician slots that used to call for candidates with multiple years of practice experience.  Graduating residents and fellows bring cutting edge training and boundless enthusiasm to the table.  And today’s training programs have added increased emphasis to hands on practice experience.  Serious medical recruiters can no longer ignore the gifted pool of highly trained and motivated young physicians that graduating residents and fellows represent.


Why pay thousands of dollars for databases that you may never use?  Why invest in lists that never belong to you and may be seeded with false files.  Why waste time with emails that have not been vetted for accuracy?  Why not work with a manageable, steady flow of qualified candidates with reliable contact information.  With First Access there are no contracts to sign and no upfront investment to make.  The Monday morning Excel reports that we provide belong to you and may be used as often as you choose by all members of your staff.  And the service costs only $75 per month with no long term commitment required.  You may cancel at any time.

Coming This Summer

First Access Plus
An expanded Monday morning report including our traditional list of 100 graduating residents and fellows augmented by a special section of current practicing physicians seeking opportunities

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To learn more or to subscribe contact US Medical Specialties:
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