Educating Doctors

Educating Doctors

We all know that doctors are pressed for time.  They work in a high pressure environment where getting things right the first time is the standard.  As a result, they are often frustrated when they go to the Internet to seek out professional services.

A traditional search using a key word phrase like “Financial Advisor Chicago” is likely to result in thousands or even tens of thousands of results.  And there is absolutely no way to determine which of these results represents a “doctor friendly” top tier provider.  And sometime the search doesn’t succeed at all.  A doctor seeking an attorney to review an employment agreement and using the key words “doctor lawyer” is likely to get a long list of attorneys that sue doctors for malpractice.

With the launch of the MD Preferred program nearly three years ago, US Medical Specialties, our parent company has been committed to an educational outreach to the medical community.  We are preaching the message “Add MD Preferred to your next internet search.”  And the results have been significant.  Last month over 10,000 physicians used the search technique to navigate to the MD Preferred site, the home of “doctor friendly” professional services.  And, because every MD Preferred professional receives a fully optimized micro-site with their healthcare profile, a regional search for a professional service provider using the key words MD Preferred moves our professionals to the top of the first page of results.

Thus a Google search for REALTOR Houston MD Preferred yields a full page of MD Preferred Realtors and links to the MD Preferred Texas Real Estate directory.  Try this out for yourself.  Conduct a Google search for your community and your business discipline.  See how you rank.  Then add MD Preferred to the search.

The MD Preferred project is a long term program that will continue to get stronger as more and more physicians and medical professionals receive the message and discover the resource.  It is just one more way that MD Preferred is committed to helping our professionals position themselves for success.

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