Dr. Vicki Rackner


Dr. Vicki Rackner helps Realtors® acquire doctor clients and keep them for life. She translates the world of medicine into understandable strategies and tactics that are critically important to engage both physicians and other medical professionals. You’ll benefit from Dr. Vicki’s unique experiences as a surgeon, educator and medical community leader as she understands the most direct route to success in these complex and often misunderstood niches.

She’s a nationally noted expert and speaker on the doctor-patient relationship and is often quoted in many periodicals including, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and USA Today. Her upcoming book for medical audiences is Get More Patients Starting Today: The Definitive Non-Marketer’s Guide to Driving More Patient Referrals.

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  • I’ve been a realtor for over 25 year. Dr. Vicki suggested some approaches I had never even considered Her ideas make perfect sense! I’m taking her lead.” – Donna M.

  • Dr. Vicki Rackner is creative, resourceful, knowledgeable, and experienced. Her insight is invaluable. She understands how the medical professions work and behave while also understanding the needs of entrepreneurial people interested on developing their businesses to a very specific targeted audience.  Dr. Rackner is a “true giver” always interested on the ones she coaches. She was always totally involved with my progress and available for my questions. I have learned ready to apply techniques and organized my work in a much effective way after taking her classes.  Thanks Dr. Rackner for a well thought training, your continuous support, and for the opportunity of learning in an environment suited to my needs. -Liliana Pacelli

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