Blogging to a Larger Audience

Blogging to a Larger Audience

It’s a fact that a growing percentage of busy professionals (including physicians) get their daily news, not from the printed media, but rather from online summaries of news articles carried by the major search engines like Google and Yahoo.  And the search engines select the news stories that they feature based not only on the timeliness of the content and the credibility of the source but on the construction and SEO of the article or post itself.  The goal here is to have your blog post picked up by the search engines in support of their primary news summary.

With this in mind, here are some steps to take to increase the chances that the search engines will spot your blog post and list it as an “additional source” to a featured story:

•    Make sure that the blog you are using (your own or someone else’s) is relevant to the topic.  The MD Preferred blog, for instance, is healthcare focused.
•    Monitor Google for a posted news article on a topic that is likely to be read by physicians.
•    Immediately launch a parallel blog post on that topic using quotations and short excerpts from the featured article.
•    If possible post a comment to the original article from your position as an “industry specialist.”
•    The search engines will use key words and phrases to look for compatible content to the original story and host it as an additional source.  Your post will probably be picked up during this process.
•    Your content, SEO, credibility, relevance, the ranking of the blog you use and a number of other factors will determine the ranking among other sources listed.
•    If your post is picked up, no matter how well it is ranked, prepare copies of the post; distribute the content labeled “as carried as a Google news source, April 16, 2012.”
•    Repeat this process as often as possible.

Everybody Has a Doctor

You have decided that you are going to expand your business one doctor at a time.  Now you are wondering…where do I start?  As Dr. Vicki Rackner suggested in her recent Webinar sponsored by MD Preferred, “Why not start where you are?”  As a business professional you have access to your current clients, colleagues, social piers, friends, and family.  And they all have doctors.  They all know doctors.  They all know other people who have doctors.

As an MD Preferred professional you have a unique credential that sets you apart from your competitors.  Start your marketing campaign by letting all of your contacts know that you are an industry specialist.  Send out a one page press release (you received a template with your welcome package).  Many of those contacted will be surprised to learn of your special expertise.  This can be the starting point of a very effective referral chain.

Everyone wants to help others given the opportunity.  If you make the point that doctors are particularly hard pressed for the time needed to search for professional services, you can provide others with an opportunity to assist the physicians in their circle of influence.  If you can articulate your commitment to helping physicians and their families, others will be comfortable in passing your message on.

Keep in mind; physicians are a very insular group.  Because of their high income, high net worth status, they are the target of thousands of marketing messages.  Everyone wants to sell to them.  If your message is one of help and assistance rather than sales and marketing there is a higher probability of acceptance.  And doctors are far more likely to act on a referral than on a cold sales contact.

Once you have established yourself with a doctor or a group of doctors, the referrals will begin to flow.  Remember, start from where you are:

•    Reach out to your circle of influence
•    Announce your new credential
•    Offer to help
•    Ask for the referral

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