1% Solution for Realtors

Are you a busy Realtor® who would like to sell more homes to more doctors?

As you break into the doctor niche, you quickly discover that you face unique challenges. How will you get past the gatekeepers and grab the attention of the doctors clients you can serve so well?

An investment in specialized knowledge and skills will help you accelerate your progress. However, you may be so busy that you don’t have time for the 6-week How to Sell More Homes to Doctors course.

Now you have another option. You can take one small step at a time.

2013-03-29_0021Join the 1% Solution Program

Each week in this year-long program, you get a video with an insider tip to help you accelerate your home sales to doctors. These proven turn-key ideas can be immediately implemented.

You can improve your sales performance by 1% each week, and at the end of the 52 weeks, you will be nearly twice as good.



Here’s an 8-minute video to help you understand more.

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Here’s the kind of content you will get:


  1. Enhance Your Medical Magnetism and Attract More Doctor Clients
  2. The Five Homes Doctors Buy
  3. Plant Your Flag in the Doctor Niche
  4. How to Graciously Get Doctor Referrals
  5. How to Graciously Get Doctor Testimonials
  6. The Medical Pecking Order: Incomes, Social Standing and Square Footage
  7. Use the Medical Marketing Litmus Test
  8. Three Sources of Doctor Leads
  9. Seven Secrets to Engaging Doctors
  10. Build a Doctor Referral Pipeline
  11. Your Single Most Effective Doctor Marketing Tool
  12. What the Affordable Care Act–AKA ObamaCare–Means for Doctors and Realtors
  13. Make Your Web Site Work for You and Grow Your List of Doctor Clients
  14. Be Smart with Social Media
  15. Adopt a Spirit of Service
  16. Simplify: Doctors Like Easy Buttons
  17. The REAL Reason That Doctors Take Action
  18. Five Ways to Let Your Doctor Clients Know You Care About Them
  19. Three Biggest Trends that Will Impact Doctors
  20. Seven Great Conversation Starters with Doctors
  21. Spark Word-of-Mouth Among Doctors: Give ‘Em Something to Talk About
  22. What Doctors REALLY Want
  23. Doctors and Their Relationship with Money
  24. What To Say When People Ask, “What Do You Do?”
  25. Talk So Doctors Will Listen
  26. Show Rather Than Tell
  27. Business Lessons from John Rockefeller
  28. Tell Stories
  29. Great Doctor Gifts
  30. Ways to Stay Top-of-Mind with Doctors
  31. Stay in Your Sweet Spot and Hit Professional Home Runs
  32. The Prescription for Healthy Businesses
  33. Master the Mental Handshake
  34. The Biggest Secret in Working with Doctors
  35. Marketing Lessons from Fishing.
  36. Make Your Web Site Work for You
  37. Adopt a Spirit of Service
  38. Marketing Lessons from Dating
  39. What the Affordable Care Act–AKA ObamaCare–Means for Doctors
  40. Master the Language of Referrals
  41. Avoid the Biggest Mistakes
  42. Own a Piece to Intellectual Property
  43. Manage Your Online Reputation
  44. Speak in Sound Bites
  45. Build Relationships with INFLUENCERS–People Who Influence Doctors
  46. Engage Doctors Through Education
  47. Leverage Lists of Best Doctors
  48. Welcome New Doctors
  49. Plan for July 1
  50. Convert Satisfied Doctor Clients to SENDERS–People Who Send You More Clients
  51. Preserve Doctors’ Privacy
  52. Build Strategic Relationships
  53. Gather Medical Intelligence and Leverage Doctor Functions

Here’s how it works:

Each week for a year you get a video with a practical, actionable tip. There is a week 1 video, followed by a week 2 video. Each of the 52 videos builds on information you get in the earlier ones. Unlike live courses, you can view the videos on your own schedule.


All of the content is developed and delivered by a nationally-noted physician.




Dr. Vicki Rackner translates the world of medicine into understandable strategies and tactics that are critically important to engage both physicians and other medical professionals. You’ll benefit from Dr. Vicki’s unique experiences as a surgeon, educator and medical community leader as she understands the most direct route to success in these complex and often misunderstood niches.

She’s a nationally noted expert and speaker on the doctor-patient relationship and is often quoted in many periodicals including, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and USA Today. Her upcoming book for medical audiences is Get More Patients Starting Today: The Definitive Non-Marketer’s Guide to Driving More Patient Referrals.

Here’s how it works:

You can sign up today or next week or nextmay start the cycle at any time. the ones before. . Weekly live online class sessions offer a strategic plan and tactical applications

The 1% Solution offers true value.

There’s no other place you can access the intelligence you will get here. If this course helps you seil just one home to one doctor, you will have gotten about a 10:1 return on your investment.

The cost for the one-year program is $39.95 a month. If you pre-register for the entire year, you get two free months.

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There’s no risk to you.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’re protected by a no-questions-asked refund policy.

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  • Dr. Rackner is a “true giver” always interested on the ones she coaches. She was always totally involved with my progress and available for my questions. I have learned ready to apply techniques and organized my work in a much effective way after taking her classes.  Thanks Dr. Rackner for a well thought training, your continuous support, and for the opportunity of learning in an environment suited to my needs.  – Liliana Pacell
  • Dr. Vicki Rackner is creative, resourceful, knowledgeable, and experienced. Her insight is invaluable. She understands how the medical professions work and behave while also understanding the needs of entrepreneurial people interested on developing their businesses to a very specific targeted audience.

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